Project FabLabs (https://fabs-erasmus.eu) aims to design and develop various strategies and training materials to support users of Digital Manufacturing Laboratories (known as Fablabs) as well as provide these resources to university and technological VET teachers to promote its use and future academic and work orientation, focusing on advanced technologies and resources, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G connectivity, […]


PhenoloGIT has designed, built and tested a collaboratively created educational environmental information platform, supported by state-of-the-art mobile technology and Geographical Information Technologies (GIT), to be used by teachers and students in primary and secondary schools. Visit website


This project developed, shared and tested high quality blended work based delivery models over a three year period (September 2018). Three of the partners were colleges who worked together to improve their model of work based learning by adopting and sharing innovative best practice. CESGA worked as expert in the application of learning technologies, supporting the innovative application of learning […]

Rural School Cloud

The Cloud Computing for School Networking and Learning project aims to improve the quality of learning and teaching in small rural / dispersed schools in Europe, by exploring, adapting and improving several innovative European ICT based methodologies, that allow to respond to the different needs that teachers face when designing their classes, as well as in improving their professional competences. Visit website

Create your future

The Create Your Future Conference took place on 7th of September and brought together HR Managers, Employers and Suvivors in order to make a step further to a better understanding of late effects of childhood cancer and how they might or might not interfere with their performance at the workplace. Visit website


Spark children’s interest in science with Augmented Reality! Make teaching and learning sciences more engaging and less complex with freely available or self-made AR resources. Visit ARSci website


El proyecto Ocean Connections busca experimentar con tecnologías interactivas de Realidad Virtual y Aumentada así como pedagogías dialógicas para mejorar el conocimiento sobre el mundo marino entre los estudiantes de primaria e secundaria. Sus objectivos principales son: – el uso de pedagogías creativas y realidad aumentada / virtual para involucrar a los jóvenes en el conocimiento sobre el mundo marino […]

Schools for 21st century

Schools21C fue un proyecto educativo europeo Erasmus+centrado en mejorar la alfabetización audiovisual y digital para estudiantes y profesores de secundaria. Objetivos del proyecto: 1. Aumentar la calidad de la educación y la formación, combinando unos niveles elevados de excelencia y atractivo de una forma inclusiva para todo el alumnado, incluidos aquellos en situación de desventaja mediante el uso de tecnologías […]

Educational Knowledge Transfer

The EKT project aims to improve European higher education and, in particular, the development and experimentation of collaborative educational methodologies and Smart technological framework that aims to impact on a more effective, scalable, sustainable system which is closely linked to the professional contexts for which we train. To do this, we rely on a strategic triangle configured by educational centres […]


El proyecto europeo e-InnoEduCO2 “Ciencia escolar e-learning ONE HEALTH es un proyecto europeo de innovación educativa Erasmus + 2020 en la modalidad KA226 para el bienio 2021-2023. liderado por el Concello de Outes, con la dirección científica de la Fac. De Ciencias de la Educación de la USC, Grupo de investigación de Pedagoxía Social e Educación Ambiental (SEPA-interea) de la […]