This project will develop, share and test high quality blended work based delivery models over a three year period (September 2018). Three of the partners are colleges who will work together to improve their model of work based learning by adopting and sharing innovative best practice. The fourth partner is an expert in the application of learning technologies and they will support the innovative application of learning technologies and social networking in work based delivery. The model and learning resources will be tested with learners, trainers and employers to ensure that they meet learner and employer needs. The process and model will be shared with other organizations to encourage wider adoption of innovative work based learning practices. Trainers will be trained in developing work based learning pathways and in the technologies that can be used in the development of stimulating, engaging on-line interactive learning resources for learners in the workplace. Self guided interactive online / mobile learning resources will be produced for learners in the workplace and social networking will be used for peer learning through set assignments.