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Field tests of the eInnoEduCO2 project

Field tests of the eInnoEduCO2 project

Last April 1st, the first field observation pilot was held in the area of Testal, Noia. Two groups of high school students from the participating high schools in Outes and Noia, accompanied by their teachers, have been taking samples and collecting data on the situation of seagrass in the different tidal areas.

recollida de datos

During these tests, the data collection app developed by CESGA was used for the first time, which will help in the subsequent data analysis process.

The app allows participating teachers to create geolocated data observation projects, and collect all types of information: numerical, textual, images or videos, etc. and associate it with a specific observation of each student. This data can be then downloaded and used for analysis using tools such as spreadsheets, XIS programs, etc.