The main goal of the project is to design and validate a high quality but low cost technological solution, tailored to the needs of isolated rural schools with low ICT resources to improve learning and collaboration. This solution is based on cloud computing methodology and technology, virtualization and Open Software.

This project intends to provide a light web application to final users (different groups of small children from 3 to 8 years, teachers, families), which can be fully functional in heterogeneus environments: desktop PCs -from relatively old to new ones-, interactive whiteboards, tablet pcs, poor Internet connections, concurrent accesses, etc. This solution is developed together with the educational community: teachers and students are very present in the definition of functionalities and solutions being developed.

The need of building a real “learning community in the cloud” is also one of the main objectives of this project, where small networks of schools are brought together thanks to technology, to share resources, activities, communicate and learn together in a very usable environment.