New E-portfolio feature in Chamilo thanks to EKT project

The European EKT project in which CESGA works in collaboration with 10 other institutions, under the coordination of the USC Educational Technology Group, is developing a methodology and platform to improve communication processes, collaborative work and self-reflection on learning directed to facilitate the in-school placement process of future teachers. CESGA leads the coordination and technological development of the EKT platform, in collaboration with 3 of the project partners.

eportfolio Chamilo

One of the tools developed as a result of this work is the e-portfolio, which, in addition to being used in this experimental EKT platform, has recently been integrated into the latest version of the European e-learning platform Chamilo, as BeezNest is an official provider of this platform and partner of the project. Chamilo is one of the 3 most important open source platforms worldwide, and also the base of our Aula Cesga.

This e-portfolio tool, on the EKT platform, allows students, in a very simple and flexible way, to collect their reflections and learning in an orderly manner, and in accordance with the methodology established by their tutors at the home university. It also allows you to control the privacy and collaboration between all the agents that participate in the process (other students, university tutors and tutors from the internship school).

The EKT project will end at the end of April 2023, and we will hold a Final Conference at the University of Santiago de Compostela where all its results will be presented.