Our cloud

Welcome to our webpage!

This web is our window to share with you an innovative educational experience that we are carrying out in rural schools in Galicia (a NW authonomous community in Spain).

Our project aims to analyse and develop a software and hardware solution, based on cloud computing, which supports a collaborative, communicative ICT based methodology to improve education and collaboration in elementary and primary disperse rural schools in Galicia.

This project continues a path started by an HP Labs awarded research project, also coordinated by Galicia Supercomputing Centre, named “Rural Schools & Cloud Computing” in 2010, where a team of researchers, teachers and computer technicians gather together to design and implement an adapted “cloud”, based on Open Source solutions and cloud infraestructure, to support learning and collaboration in a disperse rural school.

We call our virtual operative system our cloud, and it is used by all (students, teachers, administrators) to access resources, tools and learning materials we share and create.

You can see its main characteristics in this video: